Two texts of 150-180 words. These are the topics:
1Do you believe in the supernatural? Are you a superstitious person?
2How would you describe yourself? How would you describe Donald Trump? And Puigdemont? 
3What advice would you give to a candidate at a job interview?
4What should be done in case of a domestic accident? Burns, cut, faint?
5 What would be your dream job? Describe the perfect working conditions, salary, environment etc. 
6Are you in favor or against cosmetic surgery?
7Are you in favor or against alternative medicine?
8Are you in favor or against fashion? Do we judge by appearance?
Monologue: preparation time 3 minutes. You can take notes. Presentation time: 4 minutes. The topics are the same as for the writing test.
Dialogues: preparation time 3 minutes. Presentation time 5 minutes. These are the topics:
1At the doctor's: role play doctor/patient. 
2Debate for and against a candidate for a job
3Debate for and against alternative medicine
4Debate for and against cosmetic surgery 
5Debate for and and against salary being the most important factor in a job